Become A Lotto Agent

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The Everton FC Lotto SuperDraw - The only lottery for Evertonians, played by Evertonians and won by Evertonians.

Become a Lottery agent for Everton and, by doing so, you will be directly supporting the very fabric of our great Club.
All money raised goes to help support Everton in the Community.

Virtual Agent Guide

- Become a virtual agent by encouraging and recruiting as many members as possible by standing order (forms will be supplied) from family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues.

- Recruitment in this way reduces the need to go out door to door collecting.

Agent Guide

- We can however top up your members by canvassing the area of your choice and for as many members as you would like to collect from

- Minimum collection is 60 paying weekly members for 1 match ticket per home league game and 100 paying members for 2 match tickets per home league game

- Collections as much as possible should be kept to the same times each fortnight or month.

- Please endeavour to collect from every member as possible on your round, remember the more non paying members we have the less we are able to give towards Everton in the Community – our charitable cause.

- All lottery returns must be in the lottery office no later than midday on Thursday (draw day) each week

- Alternatively we can collect the money from you at a convenient place and time

Please inform the lottery office as soon as possible in cases where you are unable to collect your round that week. We fully understand that sickness or family emergencies cannot be helped, but the sooner we know the better the chance we have to cover your round. In all instances ring the lottery office on 0151 530 5266 or 5218 or email for more information.

Benefits of being a Lotto Agent

- 10% commission payable for 1 to 59 paying members

Cash Bonus
- 10% bonus paid on selling the Rollover Jackpot Prize

Match Tickets
- Complimentary match ticket for all league fixtures when paying in 60+ members per week.
- 2 complimentary match tickets for all league fixtures when paying in 100+ members per week

Agent Bonus Prizes

- Monthly Draw for V.I.P. matchday experience (Season only)